What we do

Generative AI keynotes, workshops and custom training in Des Moines, Iowa.

Looking for a speaker on generative AI for your next event? Need help crafting a generative AI policy for your company? How about a full-day workshop to learn about generative AI tools?

We can help.

Here’s what we offer, and we’re happy to work with you to craft something that fits your needs.

Gen AI Keynote Presentations

Finding the Fulcrum: Leveraging AI to Balance Efficiency and Responsibility: New developments in generative artificial intelligence, with tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, which only recently became widely accessible, have raised many questions about their impact on sectors of the workforce previously thought to be immune to automation. How can companies effectively use such tools to improve their processes? What sorts of risks come from the use of generative AI? How do we ensure that generative AI yields the appropriate outputs for a given business operation?

Introduction to Generative AI tools: Generative artificial intelligence is here, and it’s going to impact all of our lives. But this is not a peek into the future. These are tools all of us can use to be more productive with our time and to do things we would not have been able to do before. This one-hour session will walk you through the current state of generative AI, including tools that you can use now for writing and summarizing text, for brainstorming new ideas, for creating and editing multimedia content and more.

Gen AI Workshops

Custom Generative AI workshops to fit the needs of your company or organization – ranging from 2 hours to multiple days.

Professional development workshops for K-12 educators – ranging from one hour to full day or longer.

Workshop to help you write your generative AI policy – 2-4 hours

Full-day workshops at Drake University. Our next workshop will likely be in Jan. 2024. Sign up for our email newsletter to know when it is announces.

One-hour lunch-and learn to get your employees up to speed on generative AI tools

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